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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you organise seating?

Yes. Adelaide Outdoor Cinema can provide everything you need for your event including seating, event fencing, generators, lighting, licensing, staging, audio - whatever you need, we have the industry relationships to conveniently  provide everything at a great value price.


Which screen is right for me?

Will will depend on the event size, location and number of guests you will be expecting. Get in touch so we can recommend a package to suit your needs.

What if the weather turns sour?

In some cases your event plans could be impacted by wind and rain. We can easily reschedule your event or cancel it at no cost to you. The weather is something we look at very closely and we will notify you in advance if we have any concerns.

Do I have to source my own movie?

Adelaide Outdoor Cinema also provides licensing and the movie for your event. However you are absolutely welcome to enjoy your own content on our screens.

Can we use a screen indoors?

Absolutely, the only thing to consider when planning an event indoors is the size of these screens. THEY'RE BIG! but once again, we're happy to to have a specialist come to you free of charge and measure up to find the right fit.

Do you set up the screen?

For smaller, budget friendly backyard events, we will set up your screen. Part of the agreement will be that the screen is packed down after the event and we will pick it up the following day. For larger events, your Adelaide Outdoor Cinema specialists will take care of everything throughout the entire event.

Can I use a projector during the day?

Unfortunately when the sun is out, you will be unable to have a picture.

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